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Cornell College Archives Post-Derecho Preservation Assessment
Megan Yamanishi, Cornell College

Grant details:

ENG 273: Archival Quests (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: ENG 273: Archival Quests
Author: Kirilka (Katy) Stavreva
Abstract: “Archival Quests” integrates the study of fiction and poetry embodying the idea of the archive with hands-on exploration of practical and ethical questions involved in archival work. We will organize, explore, research, and publicize parts of Cornell’s archival record pertaining to literary history (broadly defined). Through a field trip to the University of Iowa Special Collections, we will be introduced to principles and decision-making in shaping the Science Fiction and Popular Culture collections; we will explore some fascinating publications from these collections, practice describing them and developing a research agenda to shed light on the records. Part literary seminar, part archival work in literary history and the history of the book, part guided individualized research, part workshop in editing and e-publishing, “Archival Quests” will culminate in a set of publications and a class exhibition publicizing personal story-telling, short fiction, and/or poetry by creative writers and artists whose work has been archived by Cornell College.
Year: 2022
Primary URL: http://
Primary URL Description: This is the Moodle course page for the course. It includes the syllabus, course schedule, assignment descriptions, and other details for students enrolled in the course. A Cornell College login is required.
Secondary URL: http://
Secondary URL Description: This is the publicly-available syllabus for the course.
Audience: Undergraduate