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Products for grant PR-253387-17

Robert Cornelius and Early Pioneering Daguerreotypists Database Project
Rachel Wetzel, CCAHA

Grant details:

Robert Cornelius Daguerreotype Database (Database/Archive/Digital Edition)
Title: Robert Cornelius Daguerreotype Database
Author: Rachel Wetzel
Abstract: The attached PDF on the Supplementary Products page was converted from an Excel file version of the Access database draft, which includes all examination information for 52 daguerreotypes identified during the Robert Cornelius Daguerreotype Project. Information on the first object is still incomplete. The remaining 51 objects in the database are entered in their entirety, although all the information does not appear to have been retained in the conversion process. Links to photography are not active. As described in the report, the Library of Congress anticipates publishing the complete Access database, including active photography links, as a downloadable zip file in June 2020. The Lens Media Lab at the Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Material anticipates providing a secondary link to all the information following initial publication by the Library of Congress.
Year: 2019
Access Model: Upon publication by LOC in 2020, it is anticipated the database will be open access, with some privacy restrictions applied to targeted images at the request of private owners.