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Products for grant PR-50019-08

Text-Mining and Analysis Tools for Historical Research
Daniel Cohen, George Mason University

Grant details:

Next History (Web Resource)
Title: Next History
Author: Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
Abstract: Website for our text mining for history focus group, with pointers to exemplary projects and commentary.
Year: 2009
Primary URL:

Victorians Institute Conference Keynote: Searching for the Victorians (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Victorians Institute Conference Keynote: Searching for the Victorians
Author: Dan Cohen
Abstract: Why did the Victorians look to mathematics to achieve certainty, and how we might understand the Victorians better with the mathematical methods they bequeathed to us? I want to relate the Victorian debate about the foundations of our knowledge to a debate that we are likely to have in the coming decade, a debate about how we know the past and how we look at the written record that I suspect will be of interest to literary scholars and historians alike. It is a philosophical debate about idealism, empiricism, induction, and deduction, but also a practical discussion about the methodologies we have used for generations in the academy.
Date: 10/2/10
Primary URL:
Conference Name: Victorians Institute Conference