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Salmon Pueblo Archaeological Research Collection
Carolyn Heitman, University of Nebraska

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Salmon Pueblo Archaeological Research Collection (Web Resource)
Title: Salmon Pueblo Archaeological Research Collection
Abstract: This project aims to preserve, publish, and promote understanding of the ancient cultural center of Salmon Pueblo and builds from the prior work of the Chaco Research Archive ( SPARC is the result of a collaboration between four institutions dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage: the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Archaeology Southwest, the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia, and the Salmon Ruins Museum. This resource allows users to search more than 140,500 records, including 13,006 photographs, 29,395 documents, and 24 data tables with information on particular artifact types, such as ceramic vessels, ornaments and bone tools. The records are from the comprehensive excavations of the Salmon Pueblo completed in the last 40 years and led by the late archaeologist Dr. Cynthia Irwin-Williams. Around 1090 AD, ancient Pueblo people built a large village on the north bank of the San Juan River near the modern city of Farmington, New Mexico. This three-story, 275-room pueblo was the first major colony established outside of Chaco Canyon. Chaco was an urban center 45 miles to the south, recognized today as UNESCO World Heritage Site and preserved as a National Park. These builders were the ancestors of contemporary Native Americans of the Southwest.
Year: 2018
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