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Indigenous Watercraft Workshops Project
Angela Linn, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Grant details:

Watercraft Workshops (Web Resource)
Title: Watercraft Workshops
Author: Angela Linn
Author: Eduard Zdor
Abstract: Primary landing page that informs the public about the UAMN Watercraft Workshop (research) project funded by NEH. The public can navigate to the Google Photo album and the Facebook page to learn more about the collection and grant projects. Those interested in applying to be a researcher in the project can access the Google application form here as well.
Year: 2019
Primary URL:

Indigenous Watercraft at UAMN (Web Resource)
Title: Indigenous Watercraft at UAMN
Author: Eduard Zdor
Author: Angela Linn
Abstract: This Google Photo Album shares images of all the Indigenous watercraft in the UAMN ethnology and history collection, including full-sized and miniatures. The public is invited to comment on the images and share information.
Year: 2022
Primary URL: