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Creating an Online Catalog of the Cerros Archaeological Collection
Susan Milbrath, University of Florida

Grant details:

Online Catalog of the Cerros Archaeological Collection from Belize (Database/Archive/Digital Edition)
Title: Online Catalog of the Cerros Archaeological Collection from Belize
Author: Susan Milbrath and Debra Walker
Abstract: The Florida Museum of Natural History's Website Database for the Maya archaeological collection from Cerro Maya (Cerros) allows researchers to search by various categories including provenience, special context (burial or cache), structure number, kind of artifact and chronology. The digitized catalogues include 10 field logs that include over 18,500 individual artifact entries, and materials catalogues drawn from the general catalogues, but organized by the type of materials: bone, botanical, ceramics and clay, chipped and ground stone, polished stone, shell, plaster, modern artifacts, and miscellaneous catalogues. The website has digitized database files of over 200,000 artifacts and photographs of small finds (objects catalogued individually rather than in lots) and sherds representing a total number of 108 ceramic types from the site. In addition, a gallery of 3D images includes examples of ceramics, polished stone, modified bone, and metalwork that can be rotated using a cursor, mouse, or touch screen. The website also offers links to documents relating to Cerro Maya: a ceramic type list, a structure and excavation correlation, a small finds catalogue, a bibliography related to Cerro Maya, a table of ceramic phases and maps of the site.. .
Year: 2014
Primary URL: http://
Access Model: open access