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The World Wide Web of Humanities
Kristin Negulescu, Internet Archive

Grant details:

World Wide Web of Humanities WWI and WWII web site (Web Resource)
Title: World Wide Web of Humanities WWI and WWII web site
Author: Hanzo Archives
Author: Oxford Internet Institute
Author: Internet Archive
Abstract: This one year project sought to close the gap between the lack of supporting infrastructure available to humanities scholars and the desire of researchers to access and study resources digitized and/or published to the Web. The project sought to establish a possible framework for e-Humanities research using available open source tools and technologies and archived web content. Sample collections of materials relating to World Wars I & II were compiled to help illustrate researcher needs and requirements and in anticipation of further development of tools for working with very large volumes of data housed by digital archives around the globe. The WWWoH project was a collaboration between Internet Archive(IA), The Oxford Internet Insitute (OII), and Hanzo Archives. OII and the Australian National University contributed expertise in web research and led the curation of these collections for application and use by humanities scholars. Both IA and Hanzo Archives a[pplied extensive experience in web archiving and in the creation of web collections to extract, assemble, and make accessible, archival data germane to this project.
Year: 2009
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This is the traditional browse and search interface assembled for the project to each collection.