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Documenting Milledgeville's African American History
Shaundra Walker, Georgia College and State University

Grant details:

Documenting African American Milledgeville (Exhibition)
Title: Documenting African American Milledgeville
Curator: Evan Leavitt
Abstract: This exhibit will reflect on how the African American community has made change. Throughout the twentieth century, African American women and men gained incremental advances that collectively would transform the race’s agency, the self-determination to act independently and make their own free choices. African Americans, by creating their own organizations and institutions, developed ways to address their needs and aspirations that fostered the values of community, service, and mutual support. At the center of this community were African American women. Whether engaged in professional or domestic work, or operating simply as members of working-class families aspiring for middle-class status, women played essential roles in the community-building process. African American women structured community life around a core of essential institutions: families, churches, education, clubs, hospitals, and health clinics, from which manifested the potential of social service reform activism. Recognizing these important communities is central to understanding the multiple and important roles of African Americans in the American story. These are stories of perseverance, resourcefulness, and resilience.
Year: 2021
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Primary URL Description: This is a link to the virtual exhibit that accompanies the traveling exhibit for the grant.