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The Harappa Archaeological Research Project: Investigations at an Urban Center of the Indus Valley Civilization
Jonathan Kenoyer, University of Wisconsin System

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Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civilizations (Book)
Title: Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civilizations
Author: Jonathan Mark Kenoyer
Abstract: This lavishly illustrated book presents a coherent and fascinating account of the Indus Valley civilization that will appeal to specialists and non-specialists alike. Kenoyer draws on the latest archaeological information from Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Dholavira, and other major sites as well as on his considerable knowledge of South Asian societies and ancient technologies. He addresses such enduring topics as the nature and role of the Indus writing system, the Indus religino as evidenced through sculpture and architecture, the political organization of Indus city-states, long-distance trade and the importance of merchants in Indus society, and the daily life of the diverse inhabitants of the cities, towns, and villages of the region.
Year: 1998
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Publisher: Oxford University Press Pakistan
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 9780195779400
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