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The Kavousi Project: The Excavation of the Early Iron Age Sites at Vronda and on the Kastro near Kavousi, Crete
Geraldine Gesell, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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Kavousi I: The Archaeological Survey of the Kavousi Region (Book)
Title: Kavousi I: The Archaeological Survey of the Kavousi Region
Author: Donald C. Haggis
Editor: Leslie Preston Day
Editor: Geraldine C. Gesell
Abstract: Kavousi I is the initial volume of the Kavousi Excavation Series, which presents the final report of the Kavousi Project, a program of archaeological investigation near the modern village of Kavousi in eastern Crete. Subsequent volumes will publish the results of the 1987–1992 excavations at the Vronda and Kastro sites in the Siteia Mountains overlooking Kavousi and of the cleaning and new study of the excavations of Harriet Boyd in 1900 and 1901. This volume, Kavousi I: The Archaeological Survey of the Kavousi Region, provides a comprehensive look at the topography of the area, its natural resources, and the way in which the local people interacted with them over time, as shown in the changing pattern of settlement. It sets the stage for the report on the excavations and provides an introduction to the local soils and to the pottery classification used by the excavators.
Year: 2005
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Access Model: Book
Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 9781931534185
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