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The Selected Papers of John Jay: Publication of Vols. 5 and 6 and Submission to Press of Vol. 7
Sean Quimby, Columbia University

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Selected Papers of John Jay (Web Resource)
Title: Selected Papers of John Jay
Author: Sean Quimby
Abstract: Selected Papers of John Jay is an ongoing endeavor by scholars at Columbia University's Rare Book and Manuscript Library to organize, transcribe and publish a wide range of politically and culturally important letters authored by and written to American Founding Father John Jay that demonstrate the depth and breadth of Jay's contributions as a nation builder. More than 13,000 documents from over 75 university and historical collections have been compiled and photographed to date. Printed volumes illustrate Jay's roles as a patriot, jurist, diplomat, peacemaker and governor. Of seven planned chronological letterpress volumes, four books have been completed and span the years 1760 - 1788; three more volumes are scheduled for release dates of 2017, 2019 and 2020. An online, indexed database of the letters in these volumes and more was first launched in 2003. The papers also shed light on the lives of other key Founding Fathers like Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton.[1]
Year: 2015
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The Selected Papers of John Jay: Volume 5, 1788-1794 (Book)
Title: The Selected Papers of John Jay: Volume 5, 1788-1794
Author: John Jay
Editor: Jennifer E. Steenshorne, Associate Editor
Editor: Elizabeth M. Nuxoll, Editor
Editor: Mary A.Y. Gallagher, Associate Editor
Editor: Robb K. Haberman, Associate Editor
Abstract: Volume 5 opens with the ratification of the Constitution, and covers Jay’s role in the forming of the new government as acting Secretary of State prior to Jefferson’s taking office and as first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Also explored are his gubernatorial campaigns of 1792, the Genet Affair, and the events leading to the negotiation of the Jay Treaty with Great Britain.
Year: 2017
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Access Model: Book
Publisher: Charlottesville and London: University of Virginia Press
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9780813939476
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