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Russian/Soviet Perspectives on Islam
Vadim Staklo, George Mason University

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Russian Perspectives on Islam (Web Resource)
Title: Russian Perspectives on Islam
Author: Erin McGlinchey
Author: Vadim Staklo
Author: Steve Barnes
Author: Karina Korostelina
Author: Mills Kelly
Abstract: Russian Perspectives on Islam is an annotated digital archive documents the encounter and evolving relationship between the Orthodox/secular state and the Islamic regions, groups, individuals, and ideologies on the territory of the former Soviet Union and neighboring countries. This set of materials illuminates the strategies implemented by the Soviet and Russian state to establish authority and legitimacy among predominantly Muslim populations in Central Asia, the Northern Caucasus and Siberia and to enhance Moscow’s influence internationally with nearby Muslim countries, including Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey. The digital archive is designed to disseminate these documents to the widest possible scholarly community and general readership.
Year: 2017
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Archive website