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Richard Rufus Project
Rega Wood, Trustees of Indiana University

Grant details:

Richard Rufus Project (Web Resource)
Title: Richard Rufus Project
Author: Richard Rufus of Cornwall
Author: Aristotle
Author: Ibn Rushd
Author: Roger Bacon
Author: Rega Wood
Author: Jennifer R. Ottman
Author: Neil Lewis
Abstract: Richard Rufus was a Franciscan scholastic philosopher and theologian. He taught at Paris and at Oxford starting probably from the 1220s. He became a Franciscan in 1238. Rufus was one of the first medieval philosophers to interpret Aristotle’s metaphysics and natural philosophy, and his commentaries are among the earliest known. He also delivered important lectures on Peter Lombard's Sentences at Oxford and Paris
Year: 2017
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Publishes works by Richard Rufus and other medieval philosophers, both in final and provisional form. Describes the editors and their editorial method. Offers other research tools including searches.
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: A mirror site

Scriptum in Metaphysicam, Libri Introductorii: Alpha - Epsilon (Book)
Title: Scriptum in Metaphysicam, Libri Introductorii: Alpha - Epsilon
Author: Richard Rufus of Cornwall
Editor: Rega Wood
Editor: Neil Lewis
Editor: Jennifer R. Ottman
Abstract: The Scriptum is the first major Western commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics. It inaugurates the Western Aristotelian tradition metaphysics.
Year: 2021
Access Model: The text of the edition is made available without charge to scholars who request and after a few years to the general public without the critical apparatus on our website.
Publisher: Submitted to the British Academy
Type: Scholarly Edition