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The Lectures and Essays of Twentieth-Century German Theologian Karl Barth, from the Years 1905 to 1921
Darrell Guder, Princeton Theological Seminary

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The Early Barth - Lectures and Shorter Works, Volume 1, 1905-1909 (Book)
Title: The Early Barth - Lectures and Shorter Works, Volume 1, 1905-1909
Author: Karl Barth
Editor: Hans-Anton Drewes
Editor: Hinrich Stoevesandt
Abstract: Karl Barth was the most influential theologian of the twentieth century, and his work continues to inspire both fresh theological thinking and critical debate. This volume covers lectures and shorter works from 1905-1909. The period covered by the volumes in this series–1905 to 1933–saw Barth emerge from his training under such theological giants as Adolph von Harnack and Wilhelm Herrmann; assert his rejection of liberal Protestant theology in his towering commentary on Romans; and work through an earlier uncertainty to become a critic on theological grounds of the rise of Nazism. These volumes contain essays, lectures, academic papers, correspondences, editorials, and other writings that were not previously translated into English and that provide insight into the development of Barth’s theology during this crucial period of his life.
Year: 2023
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Access Model: Must purchase copy of book. PDF manuscripts of the book will be available open access on the Center for Barth Studies website in 2026.
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9780664264383
Translator: Clifford Anderson
Translator: Matthew J. Aragon Bruce
Translator: David C. Chao
Translator: Terry L. Cross
Translator: Sven Ensminger
Translator: David A. Gilland
Translator: Darrell L. Guder
Translator: Judith J. Guder
Translator: Thomas Herwig
Translator: Cambria Kaltwasser
Translator: Oliver Keenan
Translator: David MacLachlan
Translator: Amy Marga
Translator: Arnold Neufeldt-Fast
Translator: Travis Niles
Translator: Paul T. Nimmo
Translator: Patricia L. Rich
Translator: Ross Wright
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