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Monuments of Partimenti
Robert Gjerdingen, Northwestern University

Grant details:

Monuments of Partimenti (Web Resource)
Title: Monuments of Partimenti
Author: Robert O. Gjerdingen
Abstract: "First in a series presenting the instructional music intended for the training of European court musicians"
Year: 2007
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Music in the Galant Style (Book)
Title: Music in the Galant Style
Author: Robert O. Gjerdingen
Abstract: Music in the Galant Style is an authoritative and readily understandable study of the core compositional style of the eighteenth century. Gjerdingen adopts a unique approach, based on a massive but little-known corpus of pedagogical workbooks used by the most influential teachers of the century, the Italian partimenti. He has brought this vital repository of compositional methods into confrontation with a set of schemata distilled from an enormous body of eighteenth-century music, much of it known only to specialists, formative of the "galant style."
Year: 2007
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Access Model: Bok
Publisher: Oxford, England: Oxford University Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 9780195313710
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