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The Ælfric of Eynsham Project
Aaron Kleist, Unaffiliated Independent Scholar

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The Digital Aelfric (Database/Archive/Digital Edition) [show prizes]
Title: The Digital Aelfric
Author: Aaron J. Kleist, Editor
Abstract: This publication offers a dynamic edition of works by Ælfric of Eynsham, the most erudite and prolific author writing in English before Chaucer. Focusing on arguably his most influential work, the Catholic Homilies, it examines the only homilies for which witnesses to all six stages of authorial revision survive, tracing their development through Ælfric’s lifetime and nearly 200 years of transmission thereafter. Where printed editions are hard put to capture such a fluid developmental process, the Digital Ælfric allows one visually to trace each step along the way. Annotated transcripts by 43 contributors of all 118 extant copies may be viewed alongside each other or compared directly with digital images of all relevant manuscript pages. Accompanied by scholarly introductions to the project and to Ælfric’s life and work, the Digital Ælfric seeks to open new avenues for scholarly exploration and to promote a heightened appreciation for this vital figure in English literature.
Year: 2016
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