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The Samuel Gompers Papers
Peter Albert, University of Maryland, College Park

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The Samuel Gompers Papers: Volume 13, Index (Book)
Title: The Samuel Gompers Papers: Volume 13, Index
Author: Samuel Gompers
Editor: Katarina Keane, Assistant Editor
Editor: Peter J. Albert, Editor
Editor: Grace Palladino, Editor
Editor: Christina G. Larocco, Assistant Editor
Abstract: This comprehensive index provides a key to the Gompers volumes. It not only allows quick reference to individual documents but permits scholars to see at a glance the contours and emphases in subject matter and locate the substantive annotations of key individuals and unions, strikes and lockouts, conferences and meetings, and legislation and key concepts in the history of the Gompers era.
Year: 2013
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Access Model: Book
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9780252037429
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