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St. George Tucker Law Papers
Charles Hobson, Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture

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St. George Tucker's Law Reports and Selected Papers, 1782-1825: Three-Volume Set (Book)
Title: St. George Tucker's Law Reports and Selected Papers, 1782-1825: Three-Volume Set
Author: St. George Tucker
Editor: Joan S. Lovelace, Managing Editor
Editor: Charles F. Hobson, Editor
Abstract: Best known for his edition of Blackstone's Commentaries, St. George Tucker (1752-1827), a lawyer and judge in the state and federal courts of Virginia, played a central role in the legal history of post-Revolutionary Virginia and of the new nation. This comprehensive three-volume edition of Tucker's law reports and selected loose papers, edited by Charles F. Hobson, is an archive for studying the "republicanization" of the common law as it unfolded in the commonwealth of Virginia. In addition, Tucker's papers provide a source for tracking Virginia's efforts to establish a system of state superior courts operating alongside the older county court system dating from the colonial period. Tucker's reports fill a documentary gap caused by the 1865 fire that destroyed Virginia's higher court records. The editor's general introduction supplies an overview of Tucker's life and judicial career. Editorial aids and appendixes include a guide to Tucker's abbreviations, a short-title bibliography, a glossary of selected legal terms, a biographical register of the Virginia bench and bar, and correspondence and documents relating to the rupture between Tucker and Spencer Roane.
Year: 2013
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Publisher: University of North Carolina Press
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9780807837214
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