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Fernão Lopes Translation Project: The Chronicles
Amelia Hutchinson, University of Georgia

Grant details:

Fernão Lopes (Web Resource)
Title: Fernão Lopes
Author: Amélia P. Hutchinson
Abstract: Fernão Lopes (1380/90 - c.1460) was appointed royal chronicler in 1434 by King Duarte of Portugal (1391-1438). Fernão Lopes is recognized as the father of Portuguese historiography. The magnitude of his work, his research methodology, the precision invested in registering complex events, the range of information and perspectives offered, combined with the deliberate narrative structure and techniques he adopted to fulfill his task, clearly mark him as one of the most interesting chroniclers of the late Middle Ages. The website is about him and his works.
Year: 2013
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Primary URL Description: Project website