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The Howard Thurman Papers Project
Walter Fluker, Boston University

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The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman, Volume 2: Christian, Who Calls Me Christian? April 1936-August 1943 (Book)
Title: The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman, Volume 2: Christian, Who Calls Me Christian? April 1936-August 1943
Author: Howard Washington Thurman
Editor: Senior Advisory Editor Luther E. Smith, Jr.
Editor: Senior Editor Walter Fluker
Editor: Managing Editor Kai Jackson Issa
Editor: Associate Editor Quinton H. Dixie
Editor: Associate Editor Peter Eisenstadt
Editor: Associate Editor Catherine Tumber
Editor: Advisory Editor Alton B. Pollard III
Abstract: The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman is a four-volume, chronologically arranged documentary edition spanning the career of the Reverend Howard Thurman, who became one of the founders of the modern Civil Rights Movement and a key mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Using Thurman's sermons, letters, essays, and other writings, the volumes illuminate his understanding of spirituality and social transformations, his creative ecclesiology, and his conception of civic character and the national democratic experiment. Detailed annotations to each document, as well as chronologies and illustrations, explain Thurman's personal, professional, and intellectual development and place the texts into their historical context. The texts, images, and editorial commentary of Volume 2 (April 1936–August 1943) shows the maturation of Thurman's theological and social vision in his concluding years as a professor of philosophy and religion at Howard University, formed by his memories of his time in Asia, his meeting with Gandhi, and his growing commitment to radical nonviolence. His writing also reflects the context of his time, responding to the great events of the day: the Depression, the Great Migration, the birth of the modern Civil Rights Movement, and the coming of World War II. Critical to understanding Thurman's career, the writings gathered in Volume 2 also illustrate the early germination of key ideas central to the twenty-three books Thurman subsequently authored.
Year: 2012
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Publisher: University of South Carolina Press
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9781611170436