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The History of Modern Afghanistan (1896-1919): The Translation of Volume Four of Siraj-al-tawarikh (The Lamp of Histories)
Robert McChesney, New York University

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The History of Afghanistan, or Siraj al-tawarikh, Volume 1-4 (11-volume set) (Book)
Title: The History of Afghanistan, or Siraj al-tawarikh, Volume 1-4 (11-volume set)
Author: Fayz Muhammad Katib Hazarah
Editor: M.M. Khorrami
Editor: R.D. McChesney
Abstract: The Siraj al-tawarikh is the most important history of Afghanistan ever written. It was commissioned as an official national history by the Afghan prince, later amir, Habib Allah Khan (reigned 1901-1919). The author, Fayz Muhammad Khan, better known as “Katib” (The Writer), was a scribe at the royal court. For more than twenty years, he had full access to government archives and oral sources and thus presents an unparalleled picture of the country from its founding in 1747 until the end of the nineteenth century. The roots of much of the fabric of Afghanistan’s society today—tribe and state relations, the rule of law, gender issues, and the economy—are elegantly and minutely detailed in this immense work. This set comprises the complete volumes 1-4 (in 11 parts) of the Siraj al-tawarikh.
Year: 2016
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Access Model: Book
Publisher: Leiden and Boston: Brill
Type: Translation
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9789004307636
Translator: M.M. Khorrami
Translator: R.D. McChesney
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