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Completion of the Papers of George Catlett Marshall
Daniel Holt, George C. Marshall Foundation

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The Papers of George C. Marshall, Volume 7, "The Man of the Age" October 1, 1948-October 16, 1959 (Book)
Title: The Papers of George C. Marshall, Volume 7, "The Man of the Age" October 1, 1948-October 16, 1959
Author: George Catlett Marshall
Editor: Daniel D. Holt
Editor: Mark A. Stoler
Abstract: This is the seventh and final volume of The Papers of George Catlett Marshall and covers the last ten years of Marshall’s life, when he served as secretary of defense from September 1950 to September 1951 following a year as American Red Cross president. US and UN forces in Korea consumed him as defense secretary, yet Europe remained Marshall’s strategic focus and with it the establishment of a NATO military command, efforts to convince the French to accept German rearmament, congressional approval for a major US military buildup, and a Mutual Security Program for America’s allies. Marshall also participated in the decision to relieve General Douglas MacArthur, sparking public uproar and a Senate investigation. Marshall remained active in retirement, particularly in 1953, when he led the US delegation to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and then became the first professional soldier to win the Nobel Peace Prize, a tribute to the Marshall Plan. Through it all, he maintained an extensive correspondence with national and international leaders. When he died on October 16, 1959, George Catlett Marshall was hailed by many as the nation’s greatest soldier-statesman since George Washington.
Year: 2016
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Publisher: Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9781421419626
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