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Ethnohistoric Evidence for the Lenape Becoming the Delaware Indians.
Marshall Becker, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

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Susquehannock Stature: Evidence That they Were a "Gyant-like People" (Book Section)
Title: Susquehannock Stature: Evidence That they Were a "Gyant-like People"
Author: Marshall J. Becker
Editor: Paul A. Raber
Abstract: Examines the native group in Pennsylvania known as the Susquehannocks, who were encountered by Europeans when they first entered the Susquehanna Valley. The studies presented draw on recent archaeological excavation and analyses to provide new perspectives on the Susquehannocks. A successor to Barry Kent’s classic work on the Susquehannock, probably the least known of the northern Iroquoian people. Building on Kent’s original synthesis, this volume adds important new information and offers a range of analytical perspectives. This volume brings us up to date not only on Susquehannock people and their culture, but also on how archaeology is being practiced in the twenty-first century.
Year: 2019
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Publisher: University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press
Book Title: New Perspectives on Settlement and Cultural Identity
ISBN: 9780271084763