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A History of Medical Ethics
Laurence McCullough, Baylor College of Medicine

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The Cambridge World History of Medical Ethics (Book) [show prizes]
Title: The Cambridge World History of Medical Ethics
Editor: Laurence B. McCullough
Editor: Robert B. Baker
Abstract: The Cambridge World History of Medical Ethics is the first comprehensive scholarly account of the global history of medical ethics. Offering original interpretations of the field by leading bioethicists and historians of medicine, it will serve as the essential point of departure for future scholarship in the field. The volumes reconceptualize the history of medical ethics through the creation of new categories, including the life cycle; discourses of religion, philosophy, and bioethics; and the relationship between medical ethics and the state, which includes a historical reexamination of the ethics of apartheid, colonialism, communism, health policy, imperialism, militarism, Nazi medicine, Nazi "medical ethics," and research ethics. Also included are the first global chronology of persons and texts; the first concise biographies of major figures in medical ethics; and the first comprehensive bibliography of the history of medical ethics. An extensive index guides readers to topics, texts, and proper names.
Year: 2009
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Type: Edited Volume
ISBN: 9780521888790