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A Conference on the History and Legacy of the 1919 Canales Investigation in Texas
Sonia Hernandez, Texas A & M University, College Station

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Reverberations of racial violence critical reflections on the history of the border (Book)
Title: Reverberations of racial violence critical reflections on the history of the border
Editor: Sònia Hernández
Editor: John Morán González
Abstract: Foreword (Antonia I. Castaneda) Acknowledgments Introduction: Memory, Violence, and History in the 1919 Canales Investigation (Sonia Hernandez and John Moran Gonzalez) Poem 1. Yo Soy de Frank Rabbate (Diana Noreen Rivera) Section I. La Matanza and the Canales Investigation in Context Chapter 1. Refusing to Forget: A Brief History (Trinidad Gonzales, Benjamin Heber Johnson, and Monica Munoz Martinez) Chapter 2. Anglos, Mexicans, and Rangers in Texas, 1850-1900 (Andrew R. Graybill) Chapter 3. Texas in Four Parts: The Bordered World of 1919 (Walter L. Buenger) Chapter 4. La Matanza and the Canales Investigation in Comparative Perspective (William D. Carrigan and Clive Webb) Chapter 5. Representation, Refusal, and Remembrance: Lynching and Extralegal Violence in Mexico and the United States, 1890s-1930s (Gema Kloppe-Santamaria) Section II. J. T. Canales, Resistance, and Resilience Chapter 6. The World of Education among Ethnic Mexicans in J. T. Canales's South Texas (Philis M. Barragan Goetz and Carlos K. Blanton) Chapter 7. Humanizing La Raza: The Activist Journalism of the Idar Family in Early Twentieth-Century Texas (Gabriela Gonzalez) Chapter 8. Jose Tomas Canales and the Paradox of Power (Richard Ribb) Chapter 9. J. T. Canales's Contributions in Law, Civil Rights, and Education, 1920-1976 (Cynthia E. Orozco) Section III. Reflections on Recovering a History of State Violence and Its Reverberations Chapter 10. Hidden History: A Journey through the Past, with Hard Lessons for the Present (Kirby F. Warnock) Chapter 11. Recovering the 1919 Canales Investigation of the Texas Ranger Force: Archival Investigation and Its Consequences, 1975-2010 (James A. Sandos) Chapter 12. The Legacy of La Matanza, Intergenerational Trauma, and the Writing of El Rinche (Christopher Carmona) Chapter 13. Stewarding the Personal Narratives of Painful History (Margaret Koch) Chapter 14. Reckoning with the Past toward the Here and Now (Katherine Hite) Poem 2. Living Witness (Nati Roman) Epilog
Year: 2021
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Publisher: University of Texas Press
Type: Multi-author monograph
Type: Edited Volume
ISBN: 9781477322680
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