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City Life at Classic Maya Palenque, Mexico
Rosemary Joyce, University of California, Berkeley

Grant details:

Arqueología doméstica en un barrio de Palenque: Excavaciones en conjunto JO33 (Report)
Title: Arqueología doméstica en un barrio de Palenque: Excavaciones en conjunto JO33
Author: Lisa M. Johnson
Author: Lucas R.M. Johnson
Author: Maureen Carpenter
Abstract: Excavations during 2022 continued in Palenque’s residential sectors. The goal of this work is to systematically recover and document traces of daily activities in the homes of Palenque’s diverse population. We seek to understand the ways that repeated practices formed Palenque’s way of life during its apogee, from AD 450 – 850. Through the excavation of areas typical for daily activities, including plaza spaces outside of the structures as well as the interior surfaces of the structures, we seek to test for the range of economic, ritual, and food related activities that may be unique to individual households as well as those activities that are shared across a possible neighborhood. This report summarizes findings from the first field season, during which we conducted excavations in the Structure JO33 Compound. We found evidence of daily life in the form of chipped stone tools, grinding stones, and ceramics used for food preparation and serving, but also evidence of disposal of, and possibly working of, white stone into ornaments, and household-based ritual including the use of figurines, incense burning, and the possible use of a ceramic drum.
Date: 12/31/2022
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Access Model: Project report