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The French of England
Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Fordham University

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The French of England Fordham University (Web Resource)
Title: The French of England Fordham University
Author: Maryanne Kowaleski
Author: Jocelyn Wogan-Browne
Author: Thelma Fenster
Abstract: website (updated to the present) provides information about the field of enquiry, its sources, and the project begun with NEH and further continued with supplementary funding: auditory aids for reading and pronouncing; lists of, and information about, the project's publications (16 books to date); bibliographies (including an Oxford University Press annotated bibliography by Thelma Fenster) and syllabi for graduate French of England courses (taught in Fordham University and elsewhere from 2002 - 2017). The programs for the three international conferences held in 2007 in New York and York UK in the French of England are described. (Subsequent conferences inspired by the NEH project include The French of Outremer (2014) and Medieval French without Borders (2021), details on the Fordham Center for Medieval Studies website.
Year: 2006
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