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The Laws of Ancient Crete
Michael Gagarin, University of Texas, Austin

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The Laws of Ancient Crete c. 650-400 BCE (Book)
Title: The Laws of Ancient Crete c. 650-400 BCE
Author: Michael Gagarin
Author: Paula Perlman
Abstract: This volume presents the Greek text of approximately 200 stone inscriptions, which detail the laws of ancient Crete in the archaic and classical periods, c.650-400 BCE. The texts of the inscriptions, many of which are fragmentary and relatively unknown, are accompanied by an English translation and also two commentaries; one focused on epigraphical and linguistic issues, and the other, requiring no knowledge of Greek, focused on legal and historical issues. The texts are preceded by a substantial introduction, which surveys the geography, history, writing habits, social and political structure, economy, religion, and law of Crete in this period.
Year: 2016
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Access Model: Book
Publisher: Oxford, England: Oxford University Press
Type: Translation
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9780199204823
Translator: Paula Perlman
Translator: Michael Gagarin
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