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Modernism Inc.
Jason Cohn, Catticus Corporation

Grant details:

Production Script, Modernism Inc. (Script)
Title: Production Script, Modernism Inc.
Writer: Jason Cohn
Director: Jason Cohn
Producer: Jason Cohn
Abstract: Modernism, Inc. is a one-hour documentary intended for public television and other outlets that tells the story of Eliot Noyes, the iconic midcentury architect and designer who built the design programs for some of America’s most powerful postwar corporations. The film weaves Noyes’ story with the broader context of corporate America’s fulsome embrace of modernism during the period of postwar economic expansion and culminates in the under-documented backlash against Noyes and his generation of modernists during the countercultural upheaval of the Vietnam era. The life and work of Eliot Noyes in our telling is a vehicle to explore the much larger story of the intersection of postwar business, technology and design, a story that continues to resonate in the contemporary context.
Year: 2018