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Products for grant TD-266430-19

The People's Will
Tracie Holder, Center for Independent Documentary, Inc.

Grant details:

The People's Will (Film/TV/Video Broadcast or Recording)
Title: The People's Will
Writer: Tracie Holder
Director: Tracie Holder
Producer: Mary Recine
Abstract: The link below is of a "test scene," for The People's Will. This short, 3-minute animated sequence was created to as part of the development phase of this NEH-funded project. In creating this animated piece, we refined the "tunnel book, style of animation to be used in the finished film and introduce our two main protagonists, actor Edwin Forrest and William Charles Macready, and several additional key characters central to the story's narrative.
Year: 2020
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: As mentioned above, we are providing a 3-minute animated sequence that provides a very brief introduction to the story of the Astor Place Riot. The sequence also introduces the two actors at the heart of our story and establishes several of the humanities themes the final film will explore at length. Finally, this piece is a showcase for the style of animation that will be incorporated in the final film.
Secondary URL: (Password: AstorPlace)
Secondary URL Description: This webpage provides an overview of the animation development process that took place over the second half of the NEH Development grant period. The attached webpage features many of the elements developed over in the course of establishing the visual style for the animated sequences to be featured in the final film. Among those elements are Styleframes, Archival Treatment of historic images combined with atmospheric lighting, a Character Sheet, examples of Developmental Illustration as well as our initial Stylings and earliest Storyboards.
Access Model: The link below should be open access but should a password be required, it is Astor.
Format: Video