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Diary from the Ashes
Yoav Potash, Headfirst Arts & Media, Inc.

Grant details:

Diary from the Ashes (Script)
Title: Diary from the Ashes
Writer: Yoav Potash
Director: Yoav Potash
Producer: Yoav Potash
Abstract: Script for a 90-minute television documentary, “Diary from the Ashes,” the first in-depth exploration of the life and diary of Rywka Lipszyc, an intensely imaginative and intelligent 14-year-old girl whose diary was found in the rubble of an Auschwitz crematorium in 1945. The diary remained unread — and her identity, story, and fate unknown — for the next seven decades. Rywka Lipszyc (pronounced “Rivka Lipshitz”) recorded her innermost thoughts while the Third Reich directly oppressed her through forced labor, starvation, and the murder of her family, all while planning the complete annihilation of Rywka and her people. “Diary from the Ashes” will bring to life the talent and voice of this irrepressible young woman, who wrote from the precipice of genocide — and who used her imagination to cope with the unimaginable.
Year: 2022
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Official website of the work-in-progress film. This website will be overhauled and updated before the film's release.