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José Lezama Lima: Letters to Eloísa
Sandie Viquez Pedlow, Latino Public Broadcasting

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Letters to Eloisa (Film/TV/Video Broadcast or Recording)
Title: Letters to Eloisa
Writer: Adriana Bosch
Producer: Adriana Bosch
Abstract: Letters to Eloisa brings to life the story of the Cuban poet, essayist, and novelist José Lezama Lima, an all but forgotten figure of the Latin American literary boom that included Julio Cortázar, Gabriel García Márquez, Octavio Paz and Mario Vargas Llosa. Lezama’s semi-autobiographical opus Paradiso, which included homoerotic passages, broke the silence on homosexuality in Cuba and sent shockwaves throughout the Spanish-speaking literary world. It also set its author on a collision course with the Cuban Revolutionary government. Told through letters written by Lezama to his sister in exile, the film is a haunting portrait of the writer’s life, his struggle for artistic freedom, and tragic end.
Year: 2021
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Promo page of LPB's series VOCES where Letters to Eloisa will be housed upon initial PBS release.
Access Model: Available to audiences nationwide via PBS
Format: Film
Format: Video