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Popular Romance Project Website
Kelly Schrum, George Mason University

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Popular Romance Project (Web Resource)
Title: Popular Romance Project
Author: Kelly Schrum (Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media)
Abstract: The impulse to tell stories about courtship, love, and intimacy is universal and timeless. Romance fiction, which holds the largest share of the consumer book market, taps into archetypal stories in ways that are culturally and historically revealing. The Popular Romance Project Website — combining video segments and scholarly essays with games and primary sources — will shape and facilitate a substantive discussion about the writing, production, and consumption of popular romance. It will engage a mass audience in thoughtful and provocative exploration of the roles romance narratives play in popular culture and individual lives. The website serves as the core component of the larger Popular Romance Project that includes a feature-length documentary film, an academic symposium (Library of Congress), and a national library program (American Library Association).
Year: 2013
Primary URL: