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Progressing Toward Best Practices through STEPS-IMA
Cynthia Sweet, Iowa Museum Association, Inc.

Grant details: / STEPS-IMA (Web Resource)
Title: / STEPS-IMA
Author: Cynthia Sweet
Abstract: The online STEPS-IMA program focuses on content, pedagogy, and assessment with the understanding that a successful online program is not only about the medium use but rather the process of allowing participants to engage with quality content dynamically across a variety of learning styles. The program balances synchronous and asynchronous opportunities in an effort to individualize learning and makes use of a variety of professional voices and instructional approaches. Learning tools include zoom conversations, recorded content, Google Jamboard, power points, mentors, and more.
Year: 2021
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This URL is the dashboard for STEPS-IMA. It includes six modules, meeting schedules, informational videos, required reading, additional resources, evaluation tools.