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Snapshot of Democracy: The Eight Ohio Presidents
Amy Craft, Allen County Historical Society

Grant details:

Lecture by Guest Curator (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: Lecture by Guest Curator
Abstract: Dr. Christine Fowler Shearer presented an overview about each of the Ohio presidents highlighted in the exhibition. Over forty participants attended the lecture on the day of the general public opening.
Author: Christine Fowler Shearer
Date: 05/25/2022
Location: Allen County Museum
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Primary URL Description: Allen County Museum's homepage

Civil War Techs (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: Civil War Techs
Abstract: Mr. Craft will talk about the Civil War's impact in the development of food, clothing, and equipment manufacturing necessary to meet the needs of the expanded military. He will also speak about developments in transportation, medicine, and aerial observation. Christopher Craft is a Civil War reenactor, and retired American History and visual Art Teacher. Craft also contributed to the catalogue, "A Snapshot of Democracy: The Eight Ohio Presidents." For this lecture, Mr. Craft will be in costume.
Author: Christopher Craft
Date: 9/24/22
Location: Folsom Auditorium
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A Clash of Cultures: Harrison Meets Tecumseh (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: A Clash of Cultures: Harrison Meets Tecumseh
Abstract: This lecture explores the strategies employed by Shawnee leader Tecumseh, his brother, The Prophet, and President William Harrison to secure the lands for their respective people. Details of these three leaders tense meetings will reveal how they tried to avoid war and why they were pivotal players in history. Frank Kuron is a lifelong resident of Toledo and recently retired from a 40-year career in advertising. He wrote guest history columns for the former Toledo Free Press newspaper and has written three books of his own. He is a board member of the Fallen Timbers Battlefield Preservation Commission.
Author: Frank Kuron
Date: 10/6/22
Location: Folsom Auditorium
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Primary URL Description: allen county website home page

The Ohio Presidents: Surprising Legacies (Web Resource)
Title: The Ohio Presidents: Surprising Legacies
Author: Visit Greater Lima Staff
Abstract: The Allen County Museum will present the exhibition, The Ohio Presidents: Surprising Legacies, highlighting many interesting aspects of the Presidents and their lives. The United States has had eight Presidents from Ohio, serving between the years 1841 and 1923. Supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the exhibition will include various items related to the lives of the presidents and their wives, including clothing, china and personal items, such as hats, fans, walking sticks and more. In addition, campaign materials from their political life and emphasis on lesser-known facts will be highlighted. By looking at their lives before their presidencies, the exhibit can also draw connections between early events that may have affected their time as President. This exhibition was originally organized by the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio and highlights past achievements of our Ohio presidents while also bringing to light the private side of their lives and careers. Funding from the NEH provides for the creation of a virtual component, where viewers will have the opportunity to scan a QR code, providing additional information such as a three-dimensional view of an object or additional images and facts. A first-time exhibition catalogue, A Snapshot of Democracy: The Eight Ohio Presidents, will be available for purchase. Public programs will also be provided throughout the run of the exhibition to provide educational opportunities for the public.
Year: 2022
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Primary URL Description: Visit Greater Lima Community Calendar listing.

Exhibition Invitation (Exhibition)
Title: Exhibition Invitation
Curator: Christine Fowler Shearer
Abstract: This product is the exhibition invitation announcement. It was sent to museum members, docents, businesses and state and local cultural organizations. It was also sent to our newest group, Friends of the Museum.
Year: 2022

Snapshot of Democracy: The Eight Ohio Presidents (Catalog)
Title: Snapshot of Democracy: The Eight Ohio Presidents
Author: Amy Craft Klassen
Author: Christine Fowler Shearer
Author: Christopher Craft
Author: Michelle Guillon
Abstract: Publication accompanying the exhibition Surprising Legacies : the Ohio Presidents, organized by the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, on view at the Allen County Museum June 25-October 30, 2022 Exhibition curated by Dr. Christine Fowler Shearer; project coordinated by Amy Craft Klassen, MA, director, Allen County Museum; content written by Dr. Christine Fowler Shearer, with contributions from Christopher Craft and Michelle Gullion; edited my Amy McKay
Year: 2022
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Catalog Type: Exhibition Catalog
Publisher: Piccolo Books