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We are always looking for scholars, cultural institution leaders, humanities center staff, and other experts to serve as peer reviewers. If you have ever applied for an NEH grant or served on an NEH panel, you are already in our electronic grants management system (eGMS) and do not need to register via this form. But if you are new to the NEH, and if you would like to be considered as a peer reviewer, use this form to add yourself to the system. The NEH may use the information you provide to consider your candidacy for service on a peer review panel, and may also use that information to contact you to request your participation on a peer review panel. If you have been encouraged to sign up by a member of the NEH staff or the National Council on the Humanities, or by an NEH grantee or panelist, let us know in your comments below.

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To learn more about the application review process, check out this page on the NEH website: Also on the website, the agency privacy policy:

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