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Clive Bell and the Making of Modernism

FAIN: FA-251716-17

Mark Hussey
Pace University (New York, NY 10038-1502)

The first intellectual biography of British writer Clive Bell (1881-1964), member of the Bloomsbury Group and a pivotal figure in the artistic, social, and political movements of early 20th-century modernism.

An intellectual biography that follows Clive Bell’s life and critical thought from his early pacifist writing and essays on aesthetics, through publication in 1914 of his widely influential book Art, to friendships in the first half of the twentieth century with Picasso, Segonzac, Derain, Vlaminck, Diaghilev, Cocteau and other major figures of European modernism including T. S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf. Bell’s theory of “significant form” continues to be an important part of the history of aesthetics, and has received attention recently even from neuroscientists as providing insight into brain function in the encounter with visual art. In addition to lecturing internationally and writing many articles and books on modern art, Bell became an outspoken champion of liberty in his post-First World War cultural criticism, continuing to emphasize the vital role of the arts in a free society.

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Clive Bell and the Making of Modernism (Book)
Title: Clive Bell and the Making of Modernism
Author: Mark Hussey
Abstract: A biography of the British art critic and pacifist Clive Bell (1881-1964)
Year: 2021
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