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5/1/2006 - 4/30/2007

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Catholicism in Modern Spanish Narrative

FAIN: FA-52588-06

Noel Maureen Valis
Yale University (New Haven, CT 06510-1703)

Catholicism plays a fundamental imaginative-moral role in key texts of modern Spanish narrative. This power to shape new narrative structures and perspectives and to prompt texts to focus on ethical-religious issues of belief and social concern has not, however, been understood or paid attention by literary scholars. Scholars view Spanish fiction largely as a secular enterprise; and disconnect religion from issues of modernity. By the late 18th century faith begins to show signs of being in crisis. I examine the role that this continuing religious crisis played in creating the modern forms of imaginative writing in Spain.

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Sacred Realism. Religion and the Imagination in Modern Spanish Narrative (Book)
Title: Sacred Realism. Religion and the Imagination in Modern Spanish Narrative
Abstract: Author Noel Valis reexamines the role of Catholicism in the modern Spanish novel. While other studies of fiction and faith in modern Spain have focused largely on religious themes, Sacred Realism views the religious impulse as a crisis of modernity: a fundamental catalyst in the creative and moral development of Spanish narrative.
Year: 2010
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ISBN: 9780300152340

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Title: Pablo de Olavide, o las reliquias de la fe
Author: Noel Valis
Abstract: On the humanitarian expression of faith in Pablo de Olavide, eighteenth-century Spanish-Peruvian reformer and writer
Year: 2011
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Title: Narraciones del martirio y la guerra civil espanola
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Abstract: On secularized martyr narratives from both sides of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), focusing on the Republican Ramon Sender and the Nationalist Jose Maria Carretero (El Caballero Audaz).
Year: 2014
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Periodical Title: Estudios de literatura, cultura e historia contemporanea en homenaje a Francisco Caudet. Ed. Fernando Larraz
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