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5/1/2014 - 6/30/2014

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$6,000.00 (approved)
$6,000.00 (awarded)

A Thousand Steps to the Parliament: Elections, Gender, and Media in Contemporary Mongolia

FAIN: FT-62184-14

Manduhai Buyandelger
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA 02139-4307)

My book tells a story of women’s engagement in building a new democratizing neoliberal state following the end of socialism in Mongolia. It weaves together two interrelated narratives: the experiences, circumstances, and strategies of female candidates in competing from the initial local level nominations to the Parliamentary seats during Mongolia’s last two elections (2008 and 2012) and integral to that, the development of the women’s movement as an outcome of the efforts of various NGOs, activists and feminists to improve legal, cultural, and social conditions for women’s ascent to Parliament. This book is the first in-depth anthropological study of a Parliament, its politics from inside and outside, and the experiences of female parliamentarians (and candidates) in a newly democratizing country. I seek NEH support for writing chapter 3 “Election-ization of the Nation” and 4 “Intellect-full Women”

Media Coverage

Steppe by Steppe: Mongolian anthropologist Manduhai Buyandelger studies a society in transition (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Peter Dizikes
Publication: MIT News
Date: 10/30/2016

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Mongolia’s Self-Styled Female Parliamentary Candidates (Article)
Title: Mongolia’s Self-Styled Female Parliamentary Candidates
Author: Manduhai Buyandelger
Abstract: Elections and electoral campaigns in particular have penetrated the public and private spheres, and continue to shape new subjects and subjectivities. In addition to the neoliberal capitalist demand for self-entrepreneurship and self-renovation, elections in Mongolia further push the candidates to engage in an in-depth self-polishing that speaks to the gender and class identities of the country’s political leadership. The comprehensive self-making into eligible parliamentary candidates is especially notable in case of female parliamentary candidates in Mongolia. That is because, unsurprisingly, women candidates must ???ght to gain recognition and respect in a society where the default politician is male, and where gender roles and identities continue to transform.
Year: 2016
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Format: Other
Publisher: Anthropology News

A Thousand Steps to Parliament: Constructing Electable Women in Mongolia (Book)
Title: A Thousand Steps to Parliament: Constructing Electable Women in Mongolia
Author: Manduhai Buyandelger
Year: 2022
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: WorldCat entry (226818721)
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 226818721