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Period of Performance

9/1/2021 - 8/31/2023

Funding Totals

$200,000.00 (approved)
$200,000.00 (awarded)

Our City: Building Kindness and Empathy

FAIN: GI-280405-21

Boston Children's Museum (Boston, MA 02210-1016)
Kate Marciniec (Project Director: January 2021 to November 2022)
Melissa Higgins (Project Director: November 2022 to present)

Implementation of a 3,500-square-foot permanent exhibition exploring the diversity of identity through religion, history, and art.

Our City: Building Kindness and Empathy, a 3,500 square foot permanent exhibit at Boston Children’s Museum, invites children and their caregivers to think deeply about issues faced daily in a diverse society. Envisioned as a collaborative and dialogue-rich experience, this exhibit offers a welcoming, multisensory environment where families with young children can connect around music, food, family traditions and beliefs, visual art and design, history and political thought, and in doing so, surface questions of identity, cultural and social diversity, bias, and equity. Humanities scholars from the disciplines of religion, art, history, music, and philosophy have enriched the exhibit content, approach, experiences, and aesthetics. The Our City design team is translating their depth of knowledge into innovative methods for addressing the complex themes of identity, multiculturalism and diversity, and equity in ways that are meaningful for children 4-10 years old and their caregivers.

Associated Products

Your Invitation to the Block Party: Confronting Bias with Children and Families at Boston Children’s Museum (Article)
Title: Your Invitation to the Block Party: Confronting Bias with Children and Families at Boston Children’s Museum
Author: Stacey Mann
Author: Kate Marciniec
Author: Dan Wallis
Abstract: N/A
Year: 2022
Primary URL: N/A
Primary URL Description: Only available in hard copy
Access Model: Subscription Only
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Exhibition - A Journal of Exhibition Theory & Practice for Museum Professionals, Putting Children First Spring 2022
Publisher: National Association for Museum Exhibition

You, Me, We (Exhibition)
Title: You, Me, We
Curator: Melissa Higgins
Abstract: You, Me, We is a 3,500 square foot permanent exhibit at Boston Children’s Museum that supports visitors in exploring identity, multiculturalism, equity, and social responsibility in a space that is safe and welcoming to the full diversity of Boston Children’s Museum’s audiences, including those with special needs. You, Me, We connects children across diverse cultures through explorations of food, music, visual arts, and personal and familial beliefs. Through this exhibit, children and families engage with humanities themes such as: 1. Each individual has many aspects to their identity, and each needs opportunities to explore and build a strong positive identity. 2. Our differences and similarities are important. Seeing and accepting each other as unique individuals is critical for developing understanding and empathy. 3. Dialogue about differences and similarities is essential to building respect for individuals and diverse societies. 4. Connecting families with diverse traditions and cultures creates an inclusive environment for exploring questions of equity and justice.
Year: 2023
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Main You, Me, We exhibition page on Boston Children's Museum website

Glossary of Terms (Web Resource)
Title: Glossary of Terms
Author: Boston Children's Museum
Abstract: Words are important, especially when talking about identity, equity, and justice. They can be complicated, too. The terms we use and how we understand them impact people in real ways. The Glossary outlines how terms are defined within You, Me, We to support caregivers as they navigate conversations with children and one another.
Year: 2023
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: You, Me, We Glossary of Terms PDF

Conversation Starters (Web Resource)
Title: Conversation Starters
Author: Boston Children's Museum
Abstract: Sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin conversations about bias, bullying, belonging, discrimination, or fairness. Emotions and our own personal bias can get in the way. The conversation prompts within You, Me, We are intended to support adults to start dialogues with children and others.
Year: 2023
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: You, Me, We Conversation Starters PDF