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Period of Performance

3/1/2023 - 2/28/2026

Funding Totals

$399,992.00 (approved)
$395,439.00 (awarded)

Global Passages: Creating a Public Database of Slaving Voyages across the Indian Ocean and Asia

FAIN: MN-290193-23

Rice University (Houston, TX 77005-1827)
Daniel Barros Domingues da Silva (Project Director: May 2022 to present)

The creation of an Indian Ocean and Asia (IOA) slave voyages database and its contextualization in the open access SlaveVoyages website.

The project will create, incorporate, and contextualize an Indian Ocean and Asia (IOA) slave voyages database as an integral part of the open access SlaveVoyages website. Pioneering scholarship highlights the need to expand the spatial, chronological, and conceptual parameters of Americans’ knowledge of their history as they pursue social justice in the early 21st century. The IOA database will demonstrate that the maritime commerce in slave labor was a truly global phenomenon, that millions of enslaved Africans and Asians were caught up in this traffic between 1500-1939, and that Arabs, Asians, Europeans, and Indians actively participated in this trade, knowledge of which is crucial to expanding public and scholarly understanding of the complexity of the human experience with slavery since 1500. The project will also lay the foundation for expanding this database further as research on the IOA trades continues.

Media Coverage

Research on televised opera, slave voyages honored with National Endowment for the Humanities grants (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Amy McCaig
Publication: Rice News
Date: 1/17/2023