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Period of Performance

5/1/2017 - 8/31/2018

Funding Totals

$50,000.00 (approved)
$49,999.99 (awarded)

Survey of Hispanic Materials in Small Historical Societies, Libraries, and Museums

FAIN: PW-253694-17

University Of Houston (Houston, TX 77204-3067)
Nicolas Kanellos (Project Director: July 2016 to October 2019)

A planning project, conducted by the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage program, to survey small libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies in several states in the Southwest that house documentation on Hispanic/Latino history and culture, resulting in an online directory and printed publication of a guide to these collections.

The University of Houston seeks support for a Foundations-level project to identify and develop institution-level descriptions for small cultural heritage repositories in order to assess their Hispanic/Latino holdings and the conditions in which they are held, and to inform the interested community of the existence of these holdings. The proposed survey will be the basis for creating a guide to these materials and will represent a first step in making them accessible as well as improving the conditions in which they are held. The Survey of Small Historical Societies, Libraries and Museums for Hispanic Materials and Their Management will constitute an entirely free database accessible through the "Hispanic Collections" website of Special Collections and the Arte Publico Press website, both of the University of Houston.

Associated Products

Survey of Small Historical Societies, Libraries and Museums for Hispanic Materials and Their Management (Database/Archive/Digital Edition)
Title: Survey of Small Historical Societies, Libraries and Museums for Hispanic Materials and Their Management
Author: Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage/Arte Publico Press-University of Houston
Abstract: Some 358 surveys were distributed (on excel list linked). Of these, 59 were completed and returned (See Excel list). This effort was followed up with phone and email contacts to 36 institutions. Of the final list of 36 organizations reporting fully, we invited 18 (See Excel list) to come to Houston for a full-day conference; of these 8 attended and participated in the conference (See Excel list). The final “Guide” that we published online and are promoting includes the full report of holdings of the institutions, the types of institutions and their needs; in these, there was a considerable amount of Hispanic archival materials identified, so as to justify the need for this project.
Year: 2018
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This is the Narrative page which leads to a series of pages with statistics, graphics, a digital map, descriptions of institutions and their holdings: Narrative (current page) Digital Map Data Results Survey Questions Protocols Resources
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: A digital map categorized in two ways: The first categorization is that of institutions that responded to the survey, identifiable by blue nodes that indicate the geographical location. The information that can be found for institutions that fall under this category is: the direct web link, institution type, city, state, physical address, Latino materials, and collection themes. The second category includes those institutions that were researched throughout the process of the project but did not respond to the survey, distinguishable by orange nodes. For these institutions the map provides the website, type of institution, city, state, and physical address.
Access Model: Open access