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Period of Performance

10/1/2015 - 9/30/2018

Funding Totals

$225,000.00 (approved)
$225,000.00 (awarded)

Kierkegaard's Journals and Notebooks

FAIN: RQ-230252-15

Connecticut College (New London, CT 06320-4125)
Bruce Herbert Kirmmse (Project Director: December 2014 to March 2022)

Preparation for publication of Volumes 9, 10, and 11 of philosopher Søren Kierkegaard's journals and notebooks, an English-language edition of his unpublished writings. (36 months)

An international group of well-known scholars of philosophy, history, and religious studies is producing a critical, scholarly, English-language edition of the unpublished writings of the Danish thinker Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855). These writings, collectively entitled Kierkegaard's Journals and Notebooks, are being published in eleven volumes by Princeton University Press. The first seven volumes have now been published, and volume 8 is on schedule to be published in 2015. We expect to maintain this publication schedule - a volume a year - until all eleven volumes have been published. Approximately 50% of the project's costs are being borne by a major grant from the Danish government. Kierkegaard's Journals and Notebooks will be the benchmark for all future Kierkegaard scholarship in the English language.

Media Coverage

Kierkegaard's Journals and Notebooks, vols. 1-8, vol. 9 forthcoming, vol. 10 expected 2017 (Media Coverage)
Author(s): not known
Publication: various news outlets as a result of press release by Connecticut College
Date: 10/3/2016

Connecticut College gets grant for Kierkegaard project (Media Coverage)
Publication: Boston Herald, New Haven Register, and others
Date: 3/12/2016
Abstract: Associated Press piece announcing the NEH award and summarizing the project. Picked up by numerous publications including the Boston Herald, New Haven Register, and Washington Times.

Emeritus professor awarded $225K grant for Kierkegaard translation (Media Coverage)
Date: 3/15/2016
Abstract: Connecticut College web site news story about grant

Associated Products

Kierkegaard's Journals and Notebooks: Volume 10, Journals NB31-NB36 (Book)
Title: Kierkegaard's Journals and Notebooks: Volume 10, Journals NB31-NB36
Author: Søren Kierkegaard
Editor: Niels Jørgen Cappelørn
Editor: Vanessa Rumble
Editor: Joel D. S. Rasmussen
Editor: David D. Possen
Editor: Bruce H. Kirmmse
Editor: Alastair Hannay
Abstract: The Danish thinker Søren Kierkegaard (1813–55) has been at the center of important discussions, concerning not only philosophy and theology, but also, more recently, fields such as social thought, psychology, and contemporary aesthetics, especially literary theory. Despite his relatively short life, Kierkegaard was a prolific writer, as attested to by the 26-volume Princeton edition of his published writings. But Kierkegaard left behind nearly as much unpublished writing, most of which consists of what are called his “journals and notebooks.” Kierkegaard was one of history’s great journal keepers, but only small portions of his journals and notebooks are what we usually understand by the term “diaries.” The greater part of Kierkegaard’s journals and notebooks consist of reflections on many subjects—philosophical, religious, political, personal. His journals and notebooks take us into his workshop, where we can see his entire universe of thought, the genesis of his published works, concepts, new insights, and fragments, large and small, of partially completed but unpublished works. We see the thinker in dialogue with his times and with himself. Kierkegaard wrote his journals in a two-column format, one for his initial entries and the second for the extensive marginal comments that he added later. This edition of the journals reproduces this format, includes several photographs of original manuscript pages, and contains extensive scholarly commentary on the various entries and on the history of the manuscripts being reproduced. Volume 10 of this series includes the final six of Kierkegaard’s important “NB” journals (Journals NB31 through NB36), which cover the last months of 1854, a period when Kierkegaard made the final preparations for and the initial launch of his furious assault on the established church. But in addition to this incendiary material, these journals also contain reflections on theology, philosophy, and the perils and opportunities of modernity.
Year: 2018
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Access Model: Book
Publisher: Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press
Type: Translation
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9780691178981
Translator: Niels Jørgen Cappelørn, Alastair Hannay, Bruce Kirmmse, David Possen, Joel Rasmussen, Vanessa Rumble
Copy sent to NEH?: Yes