Education Programs: Humanities Initiatives at Community Colleges

Period of Performance

2/1/2022 - 1/31/2024

Funding Totals

$149,780.00 (approved)
$149,780.00 (awarded)

Border Lands, Border Waters

FAIN: AE-284478-22

CUNY Research Foundation, LaGuardia Community College (Long Island City, NY 11101-3007)
Filip A. Stabrowski (Project Director: May 2021 to September 2023)
Christopher Schmidt (Project Director: September 2023 to present)
Christopher Schmidt (Co Project Director: December 2021 to present)
Karen R. Miller (Co Project Director: January 2022 to present)

Two summer institutes for twenty faculty members and ten students, centered on the emerging field of critical border studies.

We are proposing two year-long institutes in which CUNY community college faculty and students engage in interdisciplinary debates about terrestrial and maritime borders. Our institutes have three goals: 1) to contribute to course development and curriculum design in Global Learning at CUNY community colleges; 2) to support faculty in developing their own scholarship; and 3) to allow a group of LaGuardia students to learn about borders alongside faculty. Our first-year institute will explore political and terrestrial borders – past, present, and future. Our second-year institute will examine border waters, including their functions and the impacts of rising sea levels. At each institute, faculty and students will read scholarship in the field, meet visiting scholars, and take an experiential learning field trip. Faculty will then develop and share new courses or teaching modules on the topic of borders. Faculty will also share their own scholarship related to borders with colleagues.