Federal/State Partnership: Grants for State Humanities Councils

Period of Performance

9/1/2004 - 1/31/2007

Funding Totals (outright + matching)

$38,950.00 (approved)
$38,950.00 (awarded)

History of American Samoa: 1900 - 1977

FAIN: BC-50212-04

Amerika Samoa Humanities Council (Pago Pago, AS 96799-5800)
Minareta Thompson (Project Director: May 2004 to September 2004)
Niualama E. Taifane (Project Director: September 2004 to April 2017)

Research on the history of American Samoa from 1900 - 1977, including the collection of historical documents, records, and artifacts; writing of a textbook including these materials for use by high school students; and an institute for teachers.

The Amerika Samoa Humanities Council is very much interested in documenting the history of American Samoa from 1900 to 1977. It is our expectation to employ a group of three researchers and one historian from the state of Hawaii to assist in the project. The goal of the project is to advance the knowledge of the people of American Samoa of the principles that define our indigenous identity as American and Samoan through the study of history and culture in the 20th century.