Federal/State Partnership: Grants for State Humanities Councils

Period of Performance

9/1/2005 - 2/28/2007

Funding Totals (outright + matching)

$95,120.00 (approved)
$95,120.00 (awarded)

A Democratic Vision: Forming a More Perfect Union

FAIN: BC-50274-05

New Jersey Council for the Humanities (Camden, NJ 08101-3287)
Jane Brailove Rutkoff (Project Director: May 2005 to June 2012)
Sharon Ann Holt (Project Director: June 2012 to April 2009)

A series of two-day seminars on critical moments in American history for Newark's K-12 teachers, a college-level seminar for low-income individuals and regrant projects that explore the meaning of citizenship in the United States.

A DEMOCRATIC VISION: FORMING A MORE PERFECT UNION has 3 parts. 1.“Teachers as Scholars” will engage Newark’s teachers in a series of 2-day seminars, “Critical Moments in the Making of a Nation.” 2.A year-long course, “American Freedom: The History of an Ideal,” will target low-income individuals and will explore the concept of freedom through the lenses of history, philosophy, art history and literature. 3.An RFP will invite proposals examining the meaning of citizenship in the United States. Applicants will be encouraged to make use of primary documents in their exploration of citizenship.