Federal/State Partnership: Grants for State Humanities Councils

Period of Performance

9/1/2008 - 2/28/2010

Funding Totals (outright + matching)

$97,620.00 (approved)
$97,620.00 (awarded)

We the People Programs in Arkansas

FAIN: BC-50427-08

Arkansas Humanities Council (Little Rock, AR 72201-1844)
Jeffery R Root (Project Director: May 2008 to August 2009)
Kris Katrosh (Project Director: August 2009 to April 2011)
Pat Ramsey (Project Director: April 2011 to June 2013)
Mark Christ (Project Director: June 2013 to June 2011)

History Day in Arkansas and the AHC's long-standing African-American cemetery project. A program officer will be devoted to this project which preserves, document, and interpret not only cemeteries, but the histories of the long ignored African American communities in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Humanities Council proposes to allocate We the People funds to two statewide programs consistent with the purposes of the WTP initiative and the council's own core goals: the annual statewide History Day in Arkansas program conducted by the University of Central Arkansas and our own program of grants, training, and technical assistance to local groups working to preserve, document, and interpret imperieled African American cenmeteries around the state.