Challenge Programs: Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants

Period of Performance

5/1/2019 - 4/30/2021

Funding Totals (matching)

$400,000.00 (approved)
$400,000.00 (offered)
$400,000.00 (awarded)

Art & Bonna Vanderlyn Community Center/Hartford Public Library

FAIN: CHA-264398-19

Hartford Public Library, MI (Hartford, MI 49057-1002)
Stephanie Anne Daniels (Project Director: August 2018 to present)

Construction of a new public library and community center in Hartford, Michigan, located in the southwest part of the state, with a service area of 6,573 residents.

To construct an 8,000 sq. ft. public library and community center dedicated to education, humanities, scholarship, research and cultural activities in the Hartford community and surrounding areas. The present facility, due to its limited space of 2,500 sq. ft., does not provide opportunities for life long learning. With a new 21st century building, we will be able to provide access to cultural and educational resources in all formats; strengthen teaching and learning; facilitate research and scholarship to meet the growing needs of all people in our community. Our goal is to be the center of cultural and humanities study within our multicultural, low income community. We strive to provide opportunities for learning in all formats to prepare children and adults for the present and the future.

Associated Products

Hartford Public Library/Art & Bonna Community Center (Building)
Name: Hartford Public Library/Art & Bonna Community Center
Abstract: Our community relies on the Hartford Public Library not just for books and materials. It has become the primary place for all information from local services to state services to worldwide questions. Our 2,300 sq.ft. of space cannot service the increasing requirements from our community. Our programs are only in the summer, because the only space available is outdoors. This severely limits the type of humanities programming that we are able to offer. Our community has 17.1% of its residents below poverty level and children under 18 years of age at 30% below poverty level. We have a somewhat diverse population with 26% Hispanic. There also is an increasing population of Native Americans from the Pokagon band of Potawatomi Indians. Our school system has 49% Hispanic/Latino children attending. We have a great need to offer English as a second language classes and the Pokagon Language class, but it is not possible at the present facility. We have no place for quiet reading, no area for author visits and no proper facilities for student tutoring. We have no area for displaying art exhibits. These are just some of the valuable programs needed in our community; let's talk about books, Family Health and Safety Fair, Latino Americans 500 years, Create a vision board, financial literacy, brain stem camp, creative engagement with youth, Great Stories club and Makerspace Lab. We also wanted to apply for the Michigan Humanities Council Arts and Touring Grant, but our facility has no area to accommodate the programs. All of these programs are important for educational and lifelong learning in our community. We can accomplish the above and much more with a new larger facility. Humanities have an essential role to play in helping us engage with each other.
Director: Stephanie Daniels
Year: 2019
Address: Hartford Public Library 12 Church Street PO Box 8 Hartford, MI 49057
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Website for the Hartford Public Library with links to our programs, calendar and digital programs, local historic newspaper and other services the library provides.