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Period of Performance

3/1/2016 - 8/31/2016

Funding Totals

$33,600.00 (approved)
$25,200.00 (awarded)

Records of Early English Drama: Northumberland

FAIN: FA-232547-16

Suzanne R. Westfall
Lafayette College (Easton, PA 18042-7625)

Archival research on the history of early drama in Northumberland, England, as part of the Records of Early English Drama series.

I seek a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship in order to continue my research in primary source documents for performances in Northumberland, England, from the earliest surviving manuscript evidence to the closing of the theaters by Parliament in 1642. The Records of Early English Drama (REED) Project has commissioned me to make a thorough search, to gather and edit all extant primary source documentary evidence of drama, minstrelsy, performance and public ceremony in England before 1642 from the private collections and public records offices throughout Northumberland, in archives that maintained an economic or political relationship with civic authorities or patrons in Northumberland, and in repositories to which records have been transferred. In addition to scholarly papers and articles that will be prepared throughout the course of this project, the end products will include the final hard copy volume of the REED series and a digital version of the Northumberland records.