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Period of Performance

7/1/2020 - 12/31/2020

Funding Totals

$13,613.27 (approved)
$13,613.00 (awarded)

Winter Camp at Racing Magpie

FAIN: GA-275880-20

Magpie Creative (Rapid City, SD 57701-2742)
Peter Strong (Project Director: May 2020 to present)

The hiring of ten individuals for the planning and implementation of a series of community events examining Lakota knowledge.

Winter camps were solutions to multiple problems for Lakota communities - practical ones like distribution of the hard tasks of preparing for and surviving the long winter periods and additional skills and labor, as well as the more esoteric and culture-building knowledge, aesthetic skills and understandings, documenting and passing along of cultural knowledge, and many other areas. This gathering and sharing of knowledge and work built connections and added resilience to communities and cultural solidarity, even with the vast distances that the Plains encompass. We are formalizing the community events to build momentum around this model. In our inaugural year, we will hold two workshops each month that will function under this goal of sharing, cultural vitality, and community building, with one monthly workshop geared towards youth participants and one towards adults. Each event will highlight a variety of interactive and engaging ways of learning and community building.

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Winter Camp Series (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: Winter Camp Series
Abstract: At Racing Magpie, we are dedicated to elevating and amplifying Native and other artists and their communities through educational, cultural, and research programs, all in the Lakota spirit of being a good relative. As part of that being a good relative this program will reimagine the Lakota winter camp model of problem solving and community building in today’s world by examining the deeper reasons why Lakota people do things the way they do and why they interact with the universe around them. Events will be free to the public with limited space available and will target Lakota community members as both presenters and attendees. As plants and trees focus their energy on building strength and growing from the roots during the winter, our community will join to strengthen and grow together each year through sharing and learning.
Author: Joseph Marshall III
Author: Jhon Goes In Center
Author: James Sanovia
Author: Layli Long Soldier
Author: Tilda St. Pierre
Author: Deborah Bordeaux
Author: Christopher Bordeaux
Author: Keith BraveHeart
Author: Jaida Grey Eagle
Author: Micheal Two Bulls
Author: Talon Bazille Ducheneaux
Author: Vi Waln
Author: Geraldine Goes In Center
Date: 9/15/2020
Location: Virtual
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